Other Activities

Other Activities

Other than golf, there are many other things to do in this area. (Yes, it’s true!)

To help you get the most from your golfing holiday in the Loire Valley, we create personalised itineraries. Examples include a visit to an authentic French market in the morning then play golf in the afternoon, or play golf in the morning and finish the day off with a visit a local chateau.

You can enjoy the lovely countryside, experience a taste of France at a regional market or at any of the superb vineyards along the Loire Valley, explore the rich & varied history of the area, visit some superb gardens or just relax in the sunshine and mess about on the river.

Castles and Chateaux

The Loire Valley has been designated a World Heritage Site, and it is little wonder, given the plethora of ancient chateaux in the region.

Below are a few suggestions but there are many, many more to see that we could include here, but would be happy to give you our suggestions


A stunning medieval fortress in the heart of the wonderful city of Angers. The dry moat is now a landscaped garden, but once held tigers and lions … thought to be more of a deterrent than a moat filled with water and I think they were probably right!

Well worth a visit inside for the world famous tapestries alone.

The rest of Angers is also well worth a day out, or if you play golf everyday, you could pop in after playing at nearby Avrillé in the morning.

23 miles (30 minutes) from La Pigeonnerie

Chateau de Plessis Bourré, near Champigné

This is a fairytale castle (inside and out) surrounded by a stunning moat.

Even if history & culture is not your cup of tea, a drive up to this one is well worth it for the view alone.

If you choose to do the visit, you will not be disappointed, and as the chateau is only 10 minutes from the golf course at Anjou, you can visit after your round.

15 miles (30 minutes) from La Pigeonnerie

Chateaux de Plessis Mace

This is another very attractive castle – with an excellent walk around the perimeter.

This 15C castle in white tufa and sombre schist is hidden among trees, its perimeter wall punctuated by towers and keep bordered by a moat. On one side are the outbuildings with stables and the guardroom; on the other is the chapel, a tower staircase and the lodgings. The hanging gallery is a lacework structure in tufa from where ladies once watched jousting and entertainments. Don’t miss the Flamboyant-style St Michel chapel with its 15C Gothic panelling.

15 miles (30 minutes) from La Pigeonnerie

Wine and Wine Tasting

There are so many to chose from it would be very difficult, if you like wine, to not find something you would enjoy drinking.

We would recommend a trip to Saumur where you can sample the Cremant de Loire and other sparkling wines.

We would also suggest a trip to Savennières

This small appellation is celebrated for its distinctive white wines, the best of which have the ability to age and improve for decades and as well as the wine tasting Savennières is an interesting place to investigate.

Museums and Galleries

This area has a wide range of museums and galleries.

The city of Angers has some excellent ones, such as the museum David d’ Angers (a celebrated local artist/sculptor whose work is pictured) and there are plenty of unusual choices too, whether it be the world’s largest museum (of milk!) in Laval, the underground slate mine museum near Segré, the tank museum in Saumur or visiting the Cointreau museum.

On the River

The beautiful Mayenne river is only minutes away, with plentiful fishing, superb towpath walks and tranquil picnic spots to while away a sunny afternoon.

You can hire bicycles to explore the towpaths, and there are several river cruises available (some offering lunch or dinner cruises).

Alternatively, you can hire an electric boat or go paddling in a canoe. In Angers, there is also a lake for windsurfing.


Our region is famous for equestrian activities.

There are several racecourses nearby, offering French trotting (with chariots) as well as the more usual flat/jump season.

At Lion d’Angers, you can visit the National Stud and be taken on a tour of the facilities and, if you prefer to get more involved, you can go trekking across the local countryside

We are happy to use our expert local knowledge to ensure that you get the most out of your visit to this enchanting corner of France and we look forward to seeing you soon!